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Way back in mid-December, before all the holiday craziness, we had a big party “celebrating” Max’s impending medical student loan bill.  We served inexpensive eats and asked everyone to bring their favorite cheap beer.  We still haven’t finished the Old German, Schlitz, and Knights Head.  Luckily we also went to a fabulous beer exchange in December and stocked up on two mixed cases of craft beer.  Maggie kindly guarded the beer exchange booty and left the Schlitz and Old German for someone else.

Beer exchange

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Mint simple syrup

Chocolate mint simple syrup…more on that in a bit…

It seems quite contrary to start a food/gardening/renovation blog when two of those activities are winding down, but less work around the house and in the garden just means more time for everything else.  I was out and about in New York City last weekend (hopefully more on that in a post soon to come), but in the two or three weeks before that, much time was spent cleaning up the garden and using up what was left behind.  The veggie garden, which looked like this just a few short months ago now looks like this:

Fall garden    

Neat and tidy, but a bit too bare, don’t you think?

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