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First taste

It’s been entirely too long since this blog has been updated.  I suppose we’ve been too busy eating, working around the house, and dreaming of our summer garden to write.  This is of course no decent excuse when you consider all those blogs out here on the interwebs that are updated weekly if not multiple times daily.  Well, let’s get back to it, shall we?

The most exciting news other than the fact that we’re finally showering in our actual shower and not in the basement (hopefully more on that soon) is our recent foray into home brewing.  I got Max beer making supplies for Christmas, and since then, we’ve been brewing or talking about brewing most any day he has off work.  It’s become quite the obsession!

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Way back in mid-December, before all the holiday craziness, we had a big party “celebrating” Max’s impending medical student loan bill.  We served inexpensive eats and asked everyone to bring their favorite cheap beer.  We still haven’t finished the Old German, Schlitz, and Knights Head.  Luckily we also went to a fabulous beer exchange in December and stocked up on two mixed cases of craft beer.  Maggie kindly guarded the beer exchange booty and left the Schlitz and Old German for someone else.

Beer exchange

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As the subjects of this blog would suggest, we’re definitely homebodies here on Mintwood Street.  Yet somehow the past three weekends have found one or both of us away from home.  First there was a conference in New York over Halloween weekend and a trip to see family back in York County.  Then this past weekend, Max and I visited Penn-Roosevelt State Park outside State College for a last-minute camping trip before it got too cold.  All three trips were filled with wonderful fall sights and smells, delicious food, and our fantastic friends and family.

There was amazing cheese, beer, and Polish honey vodka with my old friend Alex and her family in Brooklyn.

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